Glamor of the Music Biz

As the summer months fly by, I wish I could say that the music biz is all about touring and glamor. But alas, I am taking a few weeks off to get down to business!  In today's digital world, an artist has to keep up an online profile in dozens of places.  It's all to bring you, our great fans, access to our music on multiple platforms, in multiple territories.  

So I'm hard at work right now making sure our new music can find you on the web, and on all your mobile devices.  If you're on any of the following sites, feel free to listen to me (many of these offer you the chance to listen on the go!) and share with your networks.  Just log on and type my name... 






Radio Reddit

Sound Cloud

Not enough options for you? You can also find us on Rhapsody, Emusic, Simfy, Google Music, Zune, All Music, Medianet, Nokia, and of course the usual iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby...

And we've been making the rounds on some great radio stations recently as well.  If you listen to a station you think would enjoy our music, feel free to request us!  That still really does work...

Work for a radio station? You can download radio-ready and pod-safe songs here:

Airplay Direct

Music Alley


However you listen, enjoy!

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