How to Support Indie Artists Today

Hi friends- this month has been tough as I’ve seen my last remaining contracted (paid) gigs of 2020 officially cancelled. While I continue to worry about the state of the world today, I also need to keep it real by sharing how hard it is to maintain hope and creativity with no music income or live performance outlets for the foreseeable future. If being a professional live musician was hard enough before, well today… 

So I want to offer clear, easy ways you can help your favorite independent artists right now:  

*Please support them by: 
1) joining their mailing lists (mine is found here:
2) subscribing to them on youtube (I’m at
3) following them on Instagram (I'm at @saraharoeste
4) following them on Twitter (I'm at
5) following our FB fan pages (I'm at 
6) recommending us for virtual concerts or workshops for institutions you're affiliated with (email me for my "1-sheet") 
7) buying their fun merchandise (my store is
8) leaving tips (my tip jar is here!) 

It all helps. We all need music, and each other.

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