Love us some Top-10 lists!

We're flattered that SoundRoots just named Gracia one of the Top 10 global music CD's this fall!  We join the ranks of some of our favorites, Rita and Fanga-- check it out:

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe
Top 10 World Music Albums – October  2012

1. World Kora Trio: Korazon
2. Gordon Grdina's Haram: Her Eyes Illuminate
3. Yannick Noah: Hommage
4. Fanga & Maalem Abdallah Guinea: Fangnawa Experience
5. Samuel Yirga: Guzo
6. Sarah Aroeste: Gracia
7. La Caravan Passe: Gypsy for One Day
8. Geomungo Factory: Metamorphosis
9. Very Be Careful: Remember Me from the Party?
10. Rita: My Joys

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