Recording my Hero


Today I'm recording the title-track to my new album, Gracia!   This is an original song I wrote-- an homage to Dona Gracia, my medieval Sephardic heroine!

Dona Gracia saved hundreds from the Spanish Inquisition through her courage, commitment to culture, and her feminine wisdom. The song I wrote for her is my foray into Ladino feminist rock! The end of the song even includes a special cameo by the iconic Gloria Steinem... To learn more about Dona Gracia's remarkable history, click here.

(As a side note, for any of you who speak Hebrew-- or care to use Google translate-- there was a wonderful article recently in one of the major Israeli newspapers, Ma'ariv,  about Dona Gracia and why it's a travesty that more people don't know about her... The article can be found here .)

Can't wait to share a clip with you soon!

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