The Pasha Comes to Town

After being in the Ladino music biz for the last 10 years, some of you have asked me how I have the energy and will to record, promote, and distribute all on my own in today's music world-- the answer is below!  This is my grandfather (the younger of the lads) all spiffed up to watch the "Pasha" come into town. My grandfather was born in Bitola, a small town in Monastir which, at the time of the Ottoman Empire, was upper Greece lower Yugoslavia. Today it is present Macedonia.  My grandfather and his relatives were so proud of their heritage, and I truly feel it is my duty to honor them and make sure my beautiful history of Sephardic culture does not get lost.  This is why I do what I do

Today i'm recording a another original Ladino song of which I am especially proud.  It's called "El Leon Ferido" and is inspired by a poem by the great 11th century Judeo-Spanish poet, Samuel Ha-Nagid.  It's about maintaining hope and drive-- even when you think you've reached your end.  I hope my grandfather would be proud!

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