To the Finish Line!

Friends! If you haven't heard, I’m recording a bilingual (Ladino/English) holiday album – the very first of its kind!! In a nail-biting race to the finish, I was able to raise the first half of the money needed to get into the studio to start the recording. Thank you to everyone who pitched in!

Now I have one more month to raise the rest.

Here are the top 5 reasons to get on board before June 25th:

1) Bruce Springsteen’s former publicist is behind the project. Not a joke.
2) Any music pre-orders or donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. You get a tax break by participating!
3) You believe that Ladino should stay alive. (Doesn't everyone?)
4) You think I rock!
5) I’m getting closer and closer to my target goal to be able to release the album.

If you’ve been thinking about participating, now’s the moment to make it happen.

Ladino needs you. I need you!

Full project info and to participate now:

Munchas grasyas (that's thank you, in Ladino)!!

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