Savor Trip Adventure #2!

I can't believe I get to do this for work! Our first trip was such a success, that I am leading another trip with my Savor co-director Susan Barocas next spring 2024. Join us as we explore Roman Jewish…

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Why it All Matters

THIS! I've taken part of this summer off to work on writing. And I came across this note online about my recently published board book, Mazal Bueno!. THIS is exactly why we need diverse books for tots, and Jewish…

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Listening to the Past

I might be known for my contemporary compositions and interpretations of Ladino music, but so much of what I do is influenced by the past. I was recently gifted some Ladino records of “traditional” songs, and am loving every minute…

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Ladino Perspective

I had the chance this month to take a little break and climb a mountain in Snowbird, Utah. What a blessing it was to get some perspective from that height! Look out for some new ways I'll be thinking about…

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Turkish Delight!

Words can't express what an amazing experience it was to take my new project, Savor, on the road - overseas! Beginning in Athens and ending in Istanbul, the two week adventure included hands-on cooking, singing, exploring and sharing…

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Taste Savor!

My newest project, Savor, is out today!  I couldn't be prouder of this project which pairs Ladino songs about food with recipes and cooking videos contributed by acclaimed female chefs who each works to promote and preserve Sephardic…

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Always Remember

I spent this week in N. Macedonia participating in commemoration events for the 80th anniverasary of the deportation of the Jewish community there, including members of my my own family. What an honor it was to sing and remember, hand-in-hand…

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Jewish Grammy?

So many cultural groups have their own categories represented in the Grammy Awards. Why not have a category to showcase the breadth of Jewish music? Well, some music friends of mine started a petition to submit to the National Recording…

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New Year, New Program!

I'm thrilled to kick off the new year with a new LIVE program of my newest project with Sephardic chef Susan Barocas, Savor: A Sephardic Music and Food Experience. After working on this project remotely during the pandemic…

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What a fun way to end the year with Billboard listing my new Hanuka video as one of the best holiday songs of 2022! 

Have you seen the video? You can watch it here: 

Hanuka alegre to all! 

Cruise of a Lifetime!

What a dream come true to see my newest project, Savor, come to life in the region where Sephardic music and food flourished! Join me and Chef Susan Barocas as we sail from Athens to Istanbul (stopping in…

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Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to share the cover of my newest book, coming out on April 4, 2023. Mazal Bueno is a board book for young families celebrating the most delightful milestones in a baby's life. I can't wait for…

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