The Great Flory Jagoda 

On January 29, 2021, the world lost one of the greatest Ladino singer/songwriters- Flory Jagoda. Her influence on me as another Ladino singer/songwriter cannot be overstated. So I wrote about it. I hope you'll read my short piece below get to know this remarkable woman. She was so much more than her famous song, Ocho Kandelikas

A new year, a new video!  

To start of the new year, I'm releasing a brand new video! With film footage from 2018, Buen Shabat features Jewish and Latino communities singing, dancing and breaking bread. Let us all get to know our neighbors and celebrate together (even virtually) in 2021!!! 

To learn more about how the video came about, watch this short mini-doc here

Soundtrack of the Jewish People  

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share this beautiful project from Moment Magazine that I'm honored to be a part of! I joined a diverse group of musicians, scholars and music lovers to compile a rich array of music genres, evoking the breadth of Jewish culture and experience. And several #Ladino songs are included! Enjoy exploring and listening- your ears (and soul!) will surely enjoy the power of these Jewish and Jewish-inspired sounds.

Monastir/Bitola Today 

I can't begin to express how heartwarming it was to have nearly 300 registrants for a Zoom program I recently hosted to learn about current projects in Monastir/Bitola that are working to preserve Jewish history there. Did you miss it? Here's the playback! For additional information, please visit my page on Monastir resources here


Learn with Me! 

A new season is here! A reminder for schools, synagogues, JCC's and all other cultural institutions: I'm available for virtual concerts and workshops on Ladino music/culture for a variety of age-groups and settings. Click image below to see a menu of virtual offerings, or feel free to contact me about possibilities! 

New Year, New Music!  

Anyada buena, or happy new year! This beautiful piano recently came into my possession and I'm thrilled to get down to giving more concerts, writing new music, and having renewed creativity in the year to come. Thank you to all who have supported and followed me in the last year. Exciting new things ahead...

Be safe, be proud!  

What strange times we're living through right now. I firmly believe we need to all wear masks and protect each other in our communities. But we can be loud and proud at the same time! Presenting my signature 'Ladino Rocks' face masks! Makes for a great conversation starter - and it keeps you and your loved ones safe with its two-layered, manufactured cotton. Only a limited supply available - get yours here today!

Bendichas Manos!  

What a treat it was to share my family's famous biscocho recipe (or as we call them, tarlikos) and songs with over 200 participants for my live cooking demo with Tradition Kitchens. The combination of Sephardic food and music is profound, and the event warmed my belly and my soul. A hearty bendichas manos (blessed hands) to all who joined me. If you're interested in participating in similar classes, make sure to join my mailing list or drop me a note. There will be a new series coming soon! Stay tuned...


Diversity in Children's Books 

As the USA has seen an awakening recently about Black Lives Matter and other racial disparities, these conversations have also entered the world of children's book publishing. And within the world of Jewish children's books, these issues are more important than ever. As a Sephardic activist, I'm proud to have been in conversation with Aviva L. Brown, a JOC author of the wonderful book, Ezra's Big Shabbat Question, about navigating the world of Jewish Kid Lit as minorities. Watch the playback by clicking below, buy our books, and help us open the conversation further to include the many colors and facets of the Jewish experience. #weneeddiverseJewishchildrensbooks. 

How to Support Indie Artists Today  

Hi friends- this month has been tough as I’ve seen my last remaining contracted (paid) gigs of 2020 officially cancelled. While I continue to worry about the state of the world today, I also need to keep it real by sharing how hard it is to maintain hope and creativity with no music income or live performance outlets for the foreseeable future. If being a professional live musician was hard enough before, well today… 

So I want to offer clear, easy ways you can help your favorite independent artists right now:  

*Please support them by: 
1) joining their mailing lists (mine is found here:
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8) leaving tips (my tip jar is here!) 

It all helps. We all need music, and each other.

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