While the world shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic and live appearances are put on hold, I hope you will consider joining me for virtual workshops and presentations. If you are a school, synagogue or cultural institution, please visit the menu of virtual programs below. I would love to work with you to help provide enriching programs for your community! 


Live Programs 

Solo Workshops & Presentations

Aroeste offers solo presentations on a variety of topics pertaining to contemporary Ladino music. Not quite full concerts, they are  interactive "sing-talks," combining personal story-telling, some Ladino history, and of course lots of song!

Read a description here.

Great for universities, Hillels, schools, libraries, synagogues, educational groups, small audiences.



Duet or Trio

Sarah Aroeste (vocals) and Shai Bachar (Piano)

(Trio is with added percussion)

Great for a smaller, more intimate audience.

We also offer house concerts! They're fun and easy to organize- we'll do it for you!



Great for mid-size venues.


Full-Piece Band (between 5-9 pieces)

Great for larger stages.



For live video samples of all the above programs, please visit our YouTube Channel. 

Children's Programs

Based on the Ora de Despertar project, Aroeste will get audiences dancing and singing about morning rituals, mealtimes, animals on a farm, body parts and more- all in Ladino!

Best for ages 1-7

Aroeste also offers a "Ladino 101" program for middle school and high school-aged children




Yiddish Meets Ladino w/ Sarah Aroeste & Anthony Russell

In a program originally commissioned for the Yidstock Festival, Ladino vocalist Sarah Aroeste and Yiddish vocalist Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell join forces to explore common themes and approaches in Ladino and Yiddish music. Accompanied by pianist/accordionist Dmitri Gaskin (of Tsvey Brider) and guitarist Rob Sanzone, Sarah and Anthony musically reconcile these long-lost cousins of Jewish music in an interactive and genre-bending performance. Since its launch in 2018, the program has been presented at venues ranging from the University of Wisconsin to Carnegie Hall.


Sarah Aroeste with the Greek Chamber Music Project

Remembering the Jews of Greece: A Musical Journey

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