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The connection between music and food is at the heart of Sephardic culture and tradition. The two sensory experiences have survived in their unique forms, despite the Spanish Inquisition, Balkan Wars, the Holocaust and more. Song and food have united Sephardic Jews in their diaspora and have connected them through shifting centuries and borders.

With this in mind, we are excited to introduce you to Savor (pronounced sa-VOR and meaning “taste” or “flavor”), a new, unique project that brings together these cultural touchstones in a fresh and meaningful way. Conceived by award-winning Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste, Savor is the result of diligent research and curation that led to the selection of songs in the Ladino language that focus on food. Rather than being about food in general, these songs are singular in that each one revolves around a very specific food beloved among Sephardim. For example, one song is solely about stuffed grape leaves (Una muchacha en Selanika), while another adoringly lays out seven delicious ways to prepare an eggplant (Siete modos de guisar la berendjena). Songs such as these have never been compiled in one collection. Savor does just that, but takes it one step further…

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