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While the world shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic and live appearances are put on hold, I hope you will consider joining me for virtual workshops and presentations. If you are a school, synagogue or cultural institution, please email me for information. I would love to work with you to help provide enriching programs for your community! 

And as is the case for so many touring musicians today, we have lost our income due to the cancellation of all our upcoming concerts. If you've found yourself on this page and appreciate the work I do, I hope you will consider leaving me a tip below. I'm offering free music throughout this website (just click on the music tab above and choose any album!), as well as free concerts online (through Facebook and Instagram). I love my fans and I so appreciate your support during this time! 



April 6th, 3:00 PM EDT

Facebook LIVE with Kveller!


April 23rd

Sacred Arts School (Live Feed) 

Join Sarah Aroeste for an intimate, private online experience via YouTube Live. Participants will explore a variety of Ladino songs together in this interactive workshop and demo. 

Tickets start at $10 by donation - live link will be sent after registration here

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