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"Aroeste’s stirring singing, as her grandparents’ honeymoon video played in the background, was the emotional high point of the [3rd International Ladino Day in New York]. Her Macedonian grandparents honeymooned there and in Greece in the mid-1930s; though they survived, everyone else pictured in the film was murdered. As she sang, the pianist Shai Bachar wept as he played, and when she finished, it was to calls of Bravo!" Read full article, "Why Ladino will Rise Again", here

-Aviya Kushner, The Forward 1/14/20

Sarah Aroeste breaks down why Disney's depiction of a Latina Jewish Princess on the Hanukkah episode of its popular "Elena of Avalor" series was so important. Read essay here

-Sarah Aroeste, Kveller 12/23/19

A tour preview for the "Jews of Greece: a Musical Journey," Featuring Sarah Aroeste and the Greek Chamber Music Project. Read full article here.

- TNH Staff, The National Herald, 9/11/19

KUOW in Seattle interviews Sarah about what it means for her to preserve Ladino culture, and why she's drawn to the Seattle Sephardic community. Listen here!

-Anna Boiko-Weyrauch, KUOW - NPR, 6/12/19

Refinery29 talks to Sarah Aroeste about a language that was nearly lost, the universality of Ladino music, and how she blends Sephardic Judaism and feminism. Read here

-Larisa Kline, Refinery29, 5/14/19

Latino, Hispanic or Sephardic? [Aroeste], a Sephardi Jews explains some commonly confused terms... Read here

-Sarah Aroeste,, 12/13/18

International Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste recently teamed up with the Jewish community of Mumbai to create Baylamos, a musical celebration of Simchat Torah. Team Be’chol Lashon spoke to Aroeste and her Indian collaborator, Ednna Samuel, on how the colorful partnership came about. Read here.

-Team Bechol Lashon,, 9/26/18

Vocalo’s Beat Latino host and producer Catalina Maria Johnson discusses how musicians like Sarah Aroeste are keeping endangered indigenous languages alive. Listen here.

-Catalina Maria Johnson,, 9/12/18

Aroeste talks to JewishBoston about her new album, “Together/Endjuntos,” and her dedication to Sephardic culture. Read here.

-Judy Bolton-Fasman, Jewish Boston, 9/11/18

Sarah speaks with the Yiddish Book Center about her family's Sephardic roots in Greece and Macedonia, and how she'll be bringing her contemporary style of Ladino to the Yidstock festiival July 14-15th, 2018. Listen here

-Yiddish Book Center, The Shmooze Podcast, 5/25/18

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