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BookRiot names Sarah Aroeste's, Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom, as one of the "must-read" diverse board books for children. Read here

-Jaime Herndon, Book Riot, 12/7/21

Sarah Aroeste is interviewed for a listening party to learn more about her album, Hanuká, on WNYC/NPR's All of It with Alison Stewart. Listen here

-WNYC/NPR, 12/6/21

Billboard names Sarah Aroeste's Ocho Kandelikas one of the best 8 Hanukkah Songs for 2021. See here!

-Billboard, 12/2/21

Sarah Aroeste’s Ladino Hanukkah Album Is Here—And It’s Glorious. The record is a gorgeous reimagining of the Jewish holiday, shattering our preconceptions of what Hanukkah music should sound and feel like. In every way, Hanuká! is an instant classic. Read full review here

-Isaac de Castro, JEWCY, 11/26/21

On the special Hanukkah episode from Unorthodox, Sarah Aroeste is featured along with Judy Gold, Jake Cohen and others whose work celebrates Jewish culture and identity - a perfect way  to kick off a holiday about the triumph of Jewish observance over assimilation. Listen here

-Unorthodox Podcast, 11/18/21

Sarah Aroeste is a pioneer and leader in Sephardic Jewish culture and education. This three-part series about her twenty-year career speaks to a broader transformation that she has helped create in American Jewish life. Read series here, 11/15/21

Sarah Aroeste is many things: mother, singer, musician, composer, author, educator, Sephardic cultural activist. And this month, as Aroeste gets ready to drop the world’s first-ever all-Ladino Hanukkah album, we can add “history-maker” to that list. Read full article here

-Hannah Pressman, Kveller 11/11/21

Listening [to Monastir] reveals a panoply of styles, sounds, languages and vocalists, all impeccably arranged and produced. Read full review here

-Andrew Cronshaw, RootsWorld, 10/15/21

My Dear Monastir: A new album from Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste is a collaborative, loving homage to a once-vibrant Sephardic Jewish community in Macedonia. Read full article here

-Matt Alexander Hanson, Tablet 9/10/21

Alma. names Sarah Aroeste's Monastir the Best Jewish Album of the year. See winners here

-Alma. 9/9/21

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