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Sarah Aroeste Uses the Power of Sephardic Music to Revitalize a Lost Jewish Community.  In her newest album, "Monastir," Aroeste offers a strong response to genocide — in Ladino. Read full article here

-Matt Hanson, Alma. 6/25/21  (reprinted in The Forward and JTA News)

Carol Hills interviews Sarah Aroeste on her newest recording, Monastir. Listen here

-PRI The World, 6/24/21

 The music created in the diasporas by immigrants who left their lands due to force or conflict or economic opportunity or even adventure is the greatest gift to the lands of destiny, and the selection of tunes we have for you is ample evidence of that! Listen here

-Catalina Maria Johnson, Beat Latino 6/20/21

Monastir, el nuevo disco de Sarah Aroeste: La aparición de un nuevo disco de música sefardí siempre es para festejar, es un nuevo documento en el que dejamos huella en la historia en este caso, la de los sefardíes. Listen here

-Radio Sefarad 6/20/21

Sarah Aroeste's New Album Evokes the Lost Jewish World of Monastir. Read here

 -Albert Stern, Berkshire Jewish Voice, 6/17/21

Sarah Aroeste reconnects with her Sephardic homeland in Monastir; the life of a Sephardic neighborhood is recovered inside a record. Read more here

-Albert Gomez, Al Día 5/27/21

Book Riot names Aroeste's Children's book, Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom, one of the "Best Diverse Jewish Children's Books."  Read here!

-Jaime Herndon, Book Riot 7/22/20

Tablet Magazine names Aroeste's Children's book, Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom, of the best Jewish Children's Books of 2020. Read here!

-Marjorie Ingall, Tablet Magazine 12/2/20

The Forward names Aroeste's children's book, Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom, as a favorite new example of "Diverse Jewish Kidlit." Read full article here.

-Heidi Rabinowitz, The Forward 7/22/20

"I’m so grateful that [Aroeste's] Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom exists. That’s true even if sometimes I am tired of reading the same book over and over again... I dare say that this beautiful new board book should be an indispensable part of any young Jewish child’s library." Read full book review here

-Lior Zaltzman, Kveller 3/5/20

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