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"[Savor is] a perfectly curated experience." Read the full article from HeyAlma on Savor, Sarah Aroeste's new project with chef Susan Barocas that combines music, food, history and more.

-Caroline Levine, HeyAlma, 4/21/23

Ladino singer/songwriter Sarah Aroeste and chef/teacher Susan Barocas have teamed up for a unique project designed to keep Sephardic traditions alive. Read full article here

 -Debra Eckerline, Jewish Journal, 4/20/23

When is making music about community survival? For Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste, her role is as much as a cultural preservationist. Aroeste discusses with host Jack Gordon how she is creating opportunities for young people to connect to their Sephardic heritage through not just music, but also literacy and food, and why her work pushing back against cultural assimilation is particularly poignant during the festival of Hanukkah. Listen here

-Interfaith-ish (podcast), 12/23/22

This Ladino Hanukkah Song Is Such a Bop. Sarah Aroeste, our favorite Ladino songstress, has released another Hanukkah video from her 2021 Hanukkah album “Hanuká!” — which was the first all-Ladino Hanukkah album ever made. Read more here

-Lior Zaltzman, Kveller 12/22/22

Billboard names Sarah Aroeste's Hanuka one of the best Hanukkah Songs for 2022. See here

-Billboard, 12/17/22

It's Always a Party with a Sephardi! Authors Sarah Aroeste and Bridget Hodder speak with the Book of Life Podcast about Sephardic culture and representation in Jewish children's books. Listen to the entertaining podcast here

- Heidi Rabinowitz, The Book of Life (podcast), 12/1/22

Sarah Aroeste, singer and Ladino activist, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on September 29th, 2022 in Amherst, Massachusetts as part of the Wexler Oral History Project from the Yiddish Book Center. Watch the in-depth interview here

-Christa Whitney, Wexler Oral History Project, 9/29/22

Sarah Aroeste is one of the leading performers of Ladino songs today, but growing up in a mixed Ashkenazi and Sephardi family in Princeton, N.J., she didn’t even speak the language. “One reason I was attracted to it was that it was so mysterious, a part of my tradition I had no access to,” said the 46-year-old singer-songwriter, who recently released a landmark album of Ladino music, her seventh, titled Monastir, after the city her maternal grandfather fled in 1913 for America. Read full profile here

- Alan M. Tigay, Hadassah Magazine, 7/15/22

What would it be like to return to the village your ancestors called home, to walk in their footsteps, and try to recover their stories and culture? Ladino singer and songwriter Sarah Aroeste did just that for her seventh album [Monastir], which honors what was once the largest Jewish community in the country now known as North Macedonia. Read and listen here

- Manya Brachear Pashman, People of the Pod (podcast),  1/27/22

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