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Just for This pocast, with host Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch, interviews women in leadership about women and leadership. Inspired by the story of Esther, the podcast features powerful stories of women who stand out in their fields, who have stepped up just for this moment. This week’s guest is Sarah Aroeste - musician, writer, cultural leader. Inspired by her family's Sephardic roots, she writes and sings in Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish dialect that originated by Spanish Jews after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. In this episode, we spoke about family stories, musical leadership, the great Dona Gracia Nasi and Jewish communities from Western Massachusetts to N. Macedonia. We also discuss access to childcare and paid leave as key issues for women’s leadership and equity. Listen to full podcast episode here

-Women of Reform Judaism, Just For This Podcast, 4/18/24

The modest title [Savor], which means taste or flavor in Ladino, belies this rich portal into a world that explores Sephardi culture through classic Ladino songs, traditional recipes and detailed cooking videos...Taken together, the recipes with their videos create an exuberant delectable meal. Read full article here.

-Beth Segal, Hadassah Magazine 6/13/23

Sarah Aroeste and Susan Barocas, co-directors of Savor: A Sephardic Music & Food Experience bring together food and music to create a multi-media cultural project celebrating the women who carried these traditional recipes and songs forward, through the Spanish Inquisition, through the Holocaust, through centuries of diaspora and oppression, to the present. as they join the Paradigms Podcast to discuss the project’s many layers of meaning. 

-Baruch Zeichner, Paradigms Podcast, 5/28/23

"[Savor is] a perfectly curated experience." Read the full article from HeyAlma on Savor, Sarah Aroeste's new project with chef Susan Barocas that combines music, food, history and more.

-Caroline Levine, HeyAlma, 4/21/23

Ladino singer/songwriter Sarah Aroeste and chef/teacher Susan Barocas have teamed up for a unique project designed to keep Sephardic traditions alive. Read full article here

 -Debra Eckerline, Jewish Journal, 4/20/23

When is making music about community survival? For Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste, her role is as much as a cultural preservationist. Aroeste discusses with host Jack Gordon how she is creating opportunities for young people to connect to their Sephardic heritage through not just music, but also literacy and food, and why her work pushing back against cultural assimilation is particularly poignant during the festival of Hanukkah. Listen here

-Interfaith-ish (podcast), 12/23/22

This Ladino Hanukkah Song Is Such a Bop. Sarah Aroeste, our favorite Ladino songstress, has released another Hanukkah video from her 2021 Hanukkah album “Hanuká!” — which was the first all-Ladino Hanukkah album ever made. Read more here

-Lior Zaltzman, Kveller 12/22/22

Billboard names Sarah Aroeste's Hanuka one of the best Hanukkah Songs for 2022. See here

-Billboard, 12/17/22

It's Always a Party with a Sephardi! Authors Sarah Aroeste and Bridget Hodder speak with the Book of Life Podcast about Sephardic culture and representation in Jewish children's books. Listen to the entertaining podcast here

- Heidi Rabinowitz, The Book of Life (podcast), 12/1/22

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