Gracia (2012)


The songs on Gracia (both originals and some radically reinterpreted classic tunes as well), are a mix of feminist, experimental, raw, rock-beat, energetic, empowering, electronic, retro-chic, Mediterranean-infused and fine-crafted, detailed sounds.  The album includes some of the finest musicians in New York, Israel, Morocco, Uruguay, Spain, Colombia, Russia and more.  In addition to a 16-piece string orchestra on many of the tracks, I have also featured some guest voices and artists such as the incomparable Vanessa Hidary (the Hebrew Mamita), Amos Hoffman (Avishai Cohen band), Roni Ivrin and Mark Kakon (Idan Raichel Band), Nir Graf (Noa, Rita, Shalom Hanoch), Oz Noy (Cyndi Lauper, Phoebe Snow, Bill Evans), Samuel Torres (Lila Downs, Arturo Sandoval) and even a cameo by feminist icon, Gloria Steinem.

The album’s title, “Gracia,” has several deep meanings for me, thanks being one of them.  The title itself pays homage to one of my heroes, Dona Gracia Mendes, a 15-century Sephardic woman who saved hundreds from the Spanish Inquisition. She is truly the main inspiration for me for this album—I admire her  courage, commitment to preserving culture, and her savvy use of feminism along the way. I hope the music on the album, including the title-track, reflects her amazing qualities.

To learn more about the songs on Gracia, and to read about the inspirations and stories behind the tracks, click here to read my special Tumblr blog (Gracia: Inside) on the inside scoop, track by track. 




Click here to download the Gracia One-Sheet

The Recording of Gracia was made possible in part due to the support of


Sarah Aroeste



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A feminist ladino pop album

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