A Ladino Dream Come True

When I started my career twenty years ago, I dreamed of one day performing with Israeli legend, Yehoram Gaon. Not only is Gaon an icon of Israeli music, he is one of the greatest Ladino singers of all time.

Two decades later, my dream has come true. 

Gaon recorded a song for my 2021 album, Monastir, but due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, I was not able to be in the studio with him at the time of recording. But in the summer of 2021, I traveled to Israel and I got my chance to film the song with Gaon - in person

The popular Spanish song, Jo la Keria, was adapted by many Sephardic Balkan communities. The Ladino version on Monastir is one that was arranged by Moritz Romano, the son of the last Rabbi who served the Jewish community of Monastir before it disappeared. It is a song about lost love- a poignant way to remember the beautiful community that once was. 

And here is my dream with Gaon, realized and released today. I hope you enjoy. 

For lyrics and more information, please visit Monastir here

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